Case Study: Creating a Maternity Content Hub to Acquire New Health System Patients
Women make about 80% of the healthcare decisions for their families, regardless of whose insurance policy dictates care choices. Scribewise helped Geisinger Health System build a maternity life phase content hub to attract new female decision-makers and their families.

Why the focus on maternity content? Planning for a family, trying to conceive and deciding on doctors is a major life moment—one during which families may make a switch that lasts for decades and spans pediatricians, internal medicine, specialists and more. The hub’s goal was to increase brand awareness and drive more women to choose Geisinger for maternity care. 

Audience-Focused Content That Attracts New Patients

Scribewise worked closely with the Geisinger marketing team and web developer to brainstorm topics at each stage of pregnancy for two different personas. We wrote easy-to-read, audience-focused articles for topics like gestational diabetes, genetic testing, how to have a healthy pregnancy, creating a birth plan and mental health during pregnancy. Each article included quotes from providers and calls to action to join free classes, find a provider or schedule an appointment. 

Scribewise also developed social media ads to promote the maternity content hub. Three months after launch, maternity hub articles took the top three spots for page views on the health system’s website. Heightened brand awareness led to more patient appointments and, over the longer term, has helped to create greater affinity for the health system with a new generation of healthcare decision-makers.

Results at a Glance:
Maternity Hub is top three for page views
More patient appointments due to heightened brand awareness