[infographic] Understanding the Healthcare Information Universe
BY Kaitlin Loyal
February 24, 2017

News flash! There is A LOT of healthcare information online. Of course, much of it is misleading, or even wrong. But that does not stop people from turning to the Internet when they’re under the weather, or have a sore something-or-other, or a loved one is injured. Google reports that 77 percent of people go online to find answers to their health questions.

But how can they safeguard against being duped by “fake news?”

For healthcare providers, this is a significant opportunity. Some would even argue that it’s an obligation; healthcare providers are generally mission-driven organizations that are committed to keeping their community healthy. Healthcare content marketing – creating and delivering high quality, medically-accurate health and wellness information into the marketplace – helps a healthcare provider to fulfill its mission.

To help provide context for this rapidly emerging new universe, we’ve created this infographic that details the universe of healthcare information in 2017.

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This infographic was made with the graphic design software Venngage.

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