Business, Interrupted: A Framework for Marketing in a Pandemic
BY John Miller
April 16, 2020

Most companies we know are very unsure of what they’re supposed to do right now. They’re wondering what’s appropriate, and what’s not. There’s a tendency to want to have someone tell you the answer, but every situation is unique, and every organization has to figure it out for themselves (obviously, Scribewise is glad to discuss!).

To market, or not to market? That is the question.

We put together this brief deck below as a guide for marketers on how to think about creating and delivering the right message in these unprecedented times. We hope that it serves as a conversation starter and guide for you as you work to navigate something none of us planned for.

You can view our deck Business, Interrupted in Google Docs, or click through it below.

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

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