Inside Scribewise

Our Approach to Culture

We begin with a simple formula:

Talent + Culture = Excellence

In order to achieve excellence, we must have a culture that attracts talent and allows that talent to thrive.

What we’re trying to do:


Minimize rules so we can focus on the work.


Distribute responsibility while maintaining flexibility.


Encourage smart risk-taking.

Because talented people just need to know where the guardrails are.

They don’t need backseat drivers.

Making this work

Clear communication

Open conversation

A commitment to excellence

We don’t accept the default settings.

Always search for a better
solution to reach the goal.

Just because that’s what we’ve always done for a client, or just because that’s what they hired us to do, doesn’t mean that’s what we should do.

And if you come up short?

It’s okay.

But we need to talk about why you came up short, and see if we can learn from it. Cool?

So here’s something…

The work we do—a whole lot of writing—is quiet work. It’s work we do with earbuds in.

But we need to operate as a team. We need to collaborate.

Our Values

Company values are the best behaviors of our best employees on their best days.

These are the behaviors we value and reward.

These are the values we think matter most.


  • Our people never mail it in.
  • We are committed to making an impact.
  • We bring joy and enthusiasm to work.
  • We are tenacious.
  • A strong work ethic is important. This does not mean hours logged at a desk, but rather energy and commitment to having an impact.


  • This is about more than book smarts, although that’s important.
  • It extends to intellectual curiosity, lateral thinking, creativity and mental agility.
  • It includes business savvy—an understanding of key principles and the ability to apply those principles.
  • We must embody a “growth mindset.”
  • We are curious.
  • We exercise good judgment for Scribewise and our clients.


  • Our goal is to thrill our clients.
  • We want them to feel as if they’re always getting great value from our services.
  • That means over-performing. It means occasionally going beyond our scope of work.
  • It requires digging in deep to not only be able to keep up with our clients but to lead them.
  • It means having the courage to always do what’s best for the client’s business—even if it reduces our billings.

All of us are responsible for ensuring we live our values. Every day.

Responsibilities & Expectations

We want "A" players

“A” players are self-motivated, self-aware, self-disciplined, self-improving, mission-driven people who have impact.

What we’re trying to build

A culture of creativity and self-discipline, freedom and responsibility.

Know the client’s business

Be responsive


Be organized



Care on a
personal level

Embrace the

Know the client’s business

  • We need to be able to talk the talk.
  • We need to lead them.
  • Know the competition, know the industry press, know the gossip.
  • Have a point of view. (We also must know when to do what no one else in the industry is doing.)

Be responsive

  • Respond to emails and other client requests as quickly as possible. Within 15 minutes whenever possible (even if it’s just to acknowledge receiving the email).
  • Use common sense on fast-forward.
  • Always beat the deadline.

Be collaborative

  • Always feel free to offer suggestions, even if they’re half-baked. Maybe we can fully bake it together.
  • Build on others’ ideas.
  • Always feel free to ask for help.
  • Speak up.
  • Listen up.
  • Take advice.

Be organized

  • The goal is to give the client confidence that you have a plan of attack.
  • Be prepared for client calls. Have everything you might need at your fingertips.
  • Keep good notes.
  • Know what’s coming next.

Bring energy

  • “Meeting with the agency” should be the best part of the client’s day.
  • Interact with colleagues, clients and others with enthusiasm and joy. (You don’t have to agree with everything or be a “pollyanna” … but you do have to be energetic.)

Be funny

  • We’re not mandating that you tell jokes, but we do believe a sense of humor is a sign of intelligence.
  • You can be sarcastic, goofy and maybe sometimes even a bit bawdy, but you can’t be mean.
  • Laugh at yourself.

Care on a personal level

  • Be human.
  • Know about people’s families, hobbies and other things that makes them “them.”
  • Show empathy.

Embrace the challenge

  • We want to be challenged because we believe deeply that we will succeed.
  • We’re always striving and pushing ourselves and our clients to think big and execute with excellence.


To humanize complex business conversations.


To be the only agency your B2B organization considers when you need to outcompete through story-driven marketing.

What We Stand For

Trust through storytelling

This is the end.

But we don’t consider it a finished product. Speak up and say what you think. Suggest additions or changes. After all, that’s kind of the point.