Our Process and Pricing

You want to move forward. Smart content can get you there.

No matter where you’re starting from and where you want to go, joining forces with Scribewise can help you get there.

The Scribewise Process

In our kickoff session, we run through an agenda of 53 questions. Yes, this is a long meeting. This interactive session should include your CEO, Sales leader, head of Marketing and other key leaders and voices. This gives us a good head start. 

Next, we conduct competitive and contextual research, and interview some of your customers. When we’re done, you’ll get a customized roadmap for moving forward.

If we’re working on a more finite project, we may modify this process to suit the work that needs to get done.

Once we get into the rhythm of working together, you’ll feel Scribewise’s positive presence on a weekly basis.

  • We pride ourselves on being flexible. These days, B2B business changes quickly
  • We meet with you weekly to ensure everything is moving forward
  • We’re always available between those meetings
  • We’re efficient with your time
  • We have multiple internal reviews before delivering anything to you
  • We turn content around within days
Graphic illustrating the Scribewise process

Scribewise Pricing

We bring a help-first ethos to every meeting, even if we’re not working together yet. 

We charge reasonable fees that work for both your budget and our team. This helps to create the symbiotic relationship that has led to an average client tenure of almost seven years.



So, let’s talk money. Every client engagement we have is customized, so we can’t tell you what our fee will be until we talk. But here are some guidelines:

For projects, our minimum fee is $12,000.
For websites, our minimum fee is $30,000.
For ongoing relationships, our minimum fee is $5,000 per month.

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