Maximizing Content ROI: Repurposing Your Content to Save Time and Reach New Audiences
BY Sarah Miller
March 13, 2024

Let’s start with what we know: We know there’s too much content out there. More than half of B2B buyers admit being overwhelmed by it.

We also know that, if you’ve been creating content for years, you probably have enough to work with for years to come. Only now, it’s probably sitting on your website somewhere collecting dust.

The key: repurposing your existing content. If you’re not repurposing your content, you’re wasting time, money and effort.

It’s not just about reusing; it’s about reworking your highest-quality content and presenting it in fresh ways across new channels.

Here are some practical ways to repurpose your content effectively:

Divide long-form content into small pieces

Did you or your team spend hours writing an eBook that was loaded with actionable advice or relevant takeaways? If that eBook was behind a gated form, there’s a chance a huge chunk of your audience may have missed out on it. 

Repurpose and re-market it by creating shorter blog posts for each section, sharing key statistics in high-level infographics or crafting carousel posts for social media. By repackaging your content in various formats, you can extend its reach and provide valuable information to your audience.

Turn your written content into video

Buyers really value video content, yet many marketers struggle to produce it efficiently or at scale. However, with the rise of AI platforms, creating videos has become more accessible and cost-effective. 

Consider transforming graphic-heavy content into short, animated videos, highlighting key data points or quotes from subject matter experts. These videos can be a short, five-second animation or a longer clip between 20 and 60 seconds (the length that performs best on LinkedIn), and can be shared on social media, incorporated into sales presentations or embedded in other pieces of content like your blogs or case studies.

Promote your thought leadership on personal channels

Are your subject matter experts building their own professional brands on social media? Do your salespeople use social to start conversations or reach new leads? Are they building a following? Encourage team members to leverage their expertise and personal brands on platforms like LinkedIn to amplify your content’s reach. 

Urge them to go beyond sharing links. Instead, they should provide personalized insights and thoughts on your content or content themes, establish themselves as thought leaders and engage with other thought leaders’ posts. This approach not only extends the reach of your content but also enhances its value to diverse audiences.

Update old content

Are some of your older blogs still generating a lot of traffic, or ranking well for competitive keywords? Conduct a content audit to identify these high-performing pieces, and consider updating their relevance for current audiences. Maintain the SEO value by updating the content within the same blog post and updating the publish date. You can also review and update CTAs to direct readers to your latest content offerings. Leveraging your best-performing content can help drive traffic and engagement and, best of all, start to build trust with your future customers.

By repurposing your existing content, you can maximize its ROI and save money and time for your team. Don’t let your valuable content collect dust—unlock its potential and engage your audience in new and impactful ways.

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