Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get the most. If you have a question that is not answered here, by all means—send us an email!

What types of companies do you work best with?

We work best with mid-sized B2B companies ($10-$100 million in revenue) that have complex offerings and long sales cycles. We’ve worked with our share of Fortune 500 companies in the past, and came to realize that we prefer working with companies that move more nimbly, and for whom we can deliver a bigger positive impact. Read more about our ideal client.

How will you get to understand our business?

This is the crux of our job—to extract the knowledge out of your team’s brains and ultimately transform it into compelling, high quality content that your audience will devour.

To work at Scribewise, you must be intellectually curious, always excited to learn new things. We may not have all the answers, but we do have all the questions. Our work together starts with our interactive kickoff session, during which we’ll run your team through a 53-question agenda. We bring a journalistic approach to asking the right questions to learn about new topics so that we can distill the complexity and create compelling, credible content for you. While we develop Core Content or Sustained Content Marketing for your organization, we’ll conduct interviews and continue researching along the way.

We already have a strategy; can we just hire you to execute that strategy?

We’re doing you a disservice if we dive straight into executing your strategy; you’re paying us for our strategic brains, so let’s use them. Your strategy is likely very good, but we want to be additive to it when possible, and always develop an understanding of the “why” of your strategy so that we can be as effective as possible in maximizing results.

What happens on Day 1 of working with you?

As mentioned above, we start off each engagement with a 3-4 hour interactive kickoff session. We’ll interview your CEO, head of Sales, head of Marketing, and possibly some other key leaders/voices from across the organization. We cover 53 questions that help us to achieve these five goals:

• Understanding your business
• Understanding your industry
• Understanding your audience
• Understanding your marketing
• Understanding our relationship

This discovery session gives us the material we need to build your messaging platform.

How much of our team’s time and energy do you need?

Clients hire us to provide perspective, experience and skills they feel they need more of. So the bulk of the responsibility for making our relationship succeed falls on us. But we can’t do it without you.

We need your team’s expertise and attention, especially early on, when we’re collectively doing the heavy lifting of building the foundation. Your CEO and head of Sales need to be involved in this upfront work, so that requires blocking out 3-4 hours for our Day 1 kickoff session, and they both need to be involved for approximately an hour per month after that, depending on your organization’s structure and approval process. Various SMEs will need to set aside time for 30-minute interviews to provide their expertise as part of the content creation process.

We also recommend meeting with your marketing team for a once-a-week 30-minute check-in, and of course your marketers need to manage your approval process.

What are the services you offer?

Our core strength is that we can create a compelling narrative for your company. Everything flows from that, and our everything includes:

  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Graphic and motion design
  • Branding and messaging
  • Website and interactive design and development
  • Social media management
  • Account-based marketing and sales enablement
  • Media relations

Do you work on projects?

Yes. We know that sometimes you just need to get something done, and when we have available bandwidth we’re glad to dive in and help you create that whitepaper, eBook or whatever. Our minimum fee for a project is $12,000. We also work on larger, one-time projects, such as website builds.

Most of our clients work with us in an ongoing way—we have worked with several clients for over a decade now.

What makes Scribewise different from other agencies?

We believe there are three things that set us apart from those other guys:

  • B2B is where we live—We work with mid-sized B2B
    companies ($10-100 million in revenue) that have a complex, consultative sales process.
  • We’ve solved content—Everyone on our team is a good writer (even the people who aren’t writers). Even in a world with content-generating robots, we believe writing is a vitally-important marketing skill; writing is the ability to organize smart thinking in a way that resonates with an audience. That’s what every company needs.
  • Demand generation is our obsession—We’re hyper-focused on helping you to generate marketing-sourced leads.

What do you charge?

Every client engagement is different because every client’s needs and goals are different. 

That said, here are some budgeting guidelines:

For projects, our minimum fee is $12,000.

For websites, our minimum fee is $30,000.

For ongoing relationships, our minimum fee is $5,000 per month.

If you’re thinking of an ongoing relationship, we do not automatically lock you into a 12-month contract out of the gate; we start with shorter-term strategic work that both sets the stage for future work together and helps us both to determine whether working together … works.

How do you define success for your clients?

We are all about creating demand for our clients, which means accumulating marketing-qualified leads.

How big are you? Who works at Scribewise?

We’re a team of ten, mostly local to the Philadelphia region. Our in-house team is made up of marketing strategists, writers and designers. These smart folks specialize in brand messaging, content marketing, graphic and motion design, media relations, social media management, website development, account-based marketing and sales enablement.

Have more questions?

If you think we sound like the type of people who can change your business trajectory, let’s set up a meeting to discuss your goals.

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