Guide: How to Record Video with Your Smartphone
BY Scribewise
August 4, 2023

Producing videos for your B2B organization’s social platforms, emails and website doesn’t have to be a large-scale project that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Today, video shot on a smartphone is widely accepted, thanks to excellent built-in cameras and microphones and our comfort level with more homegrown video formats. 

But there are plenty of ways shooting video with your phone can go wrong. Background noise, bad lighting and shaky camerawork will make your videos hard to watch and could damage your brand. 

Learn some basic rules of shooting video and audio and you’ll have much more success in creating video that gets views—and your message across. 

Download our latest guide to learn:

• Tips for shooting the video in office environments
• Tips for shooting videos at trade shows and conferences
• Ideas for cost-effective equipment that can take your videos up a level
• Which settings you should change (or be aware of) on your iPhone or Android

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