Understanding the New Buyer’s Journey (eBook)
BY John Miller
March 9, 2021

If you’re still marketing your product or service the same old way, you’re almost certainly seeing diminishing returns. Marketing teams that only hype their product are failing. Why? Because customers can change the channel, or click to another website, or choose to do any one of approximately one million other things.

The “Buyer’s Journey” has changed, and now the customer is in control. That means, as marketers, we have to understand and play by the customer’s rules. For the most part, this means you need to provide content that helps them in some way, rather than being purely promotional.

As we write in our new eBook Understanding the New Buyer’s Journey, marketers today “must create both ongoing content-of-the-moment and evergreen content that is helpful to the consumer.”

For many marketers that have been trained to promote promote promote, making this shift in thinking is difficult. It requires unlearning the old muscle memory. It begins with understanding how buyers make their buying decisions today. That’s why we created this new eBook.

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