[Webinar Recap] How Storytelling Drives Business Growth
By Cassie Drumm
October 21, 2021

What do you do when a consulting firm asks you to infuse more whimsy into their brand? Embrace it! That’s what we did when working with Navigate on their brand reinvention—and the results have not only energized their team but have also completely changed the way they sell. 

We invited Heidi White, CMO of Navigate, to chat with John Miller, president of Scribewise, in a live case study as part of our Marketing for Humans webinar series. 

In this webinar, Heidi and John talk about the power of patience in rebranding and how to ensure that your marketing strategy always ladders up to your business strategy. Heidi provides some great takeaways for in-house marketers on how to get the most out of content marketing and avoid chasing vanity metrics.

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