[Webinar Recap] Why Your Employer Brand Should Repel Candidates
By Cassie Drumm
November 11, 2021

In a social media-driven world, the connection between HR and marketing is tighter than ever before, because every employee is a brand ambassador, whether good or bad. That means attracting, hiring and retaining team members that believe in the brand. 

With that in mind, we invited Pete Van Neste, head of marketing at recruitment software company Pinpoint to share his wisdom on employer branding for our Marketing for Humans webinar series. 

Pete advised us that we should be focused on repelling candidates by being incredibly honest about what’s good and bad about working for our companies. Repelling candidates who aren’t a great fit allows us to focus on the candidates who are the best fit. “A single great hire will have a bigger impact on your business than the biggest deal you closed last month,” said Pete. 

Watch the full webinar for actionable steps on how to be more honest in your employer branding, how to attract the right candidates and how your marketing team can contribute to the hiring process.

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