Interactive FinTech Story Stream Creates Demand and Drives Leads

Services Provided:

Content Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Web Development, Content Creation, Animation

The Problem

The financial advice Millennials and Gen Z crave is not the same as their parents. Yes, younger generations want help figuring out the right investment mix or how to prepare for life’s big moments like buying a house or having a baby. But they also want help with big, non-financial life decisions. 

eMoney Advisor provides technology solutions that help advisors offer better advice to their clients. 

Scribewise and eMoney are longtime partners; we’ve helped build their content marketing strategy and craft articles, eBooks, landing pages and infographics to fuel eMoney’s marketing campaigns. The eMoney team is always experimenting and innovating to find new ways to reach their audience—especially as competitors and new financial planning tools vie for advisors’ attention. 

“We have had significant success through the years with inbound marketing and have learned that, in the attention economy, we have to be continually innovating the ways we tell our story,” said Moira Bishop, eMoney’s Director, Content. “We have a deep bench of thought leaders and it’s incumbent upon marketing to get our audience to engage with their thinking.”

The Solution

To present the emerging idea of holistic planning in a new and different format, Scribewise proposed writing, designing and developing a Story Stream—an engaging, animated way to tell a story, far more dynamic than a static landing page.

To create the Story Stream, we first wrote the story and brainstormed visual cues. Then, we worked with our design team to storyboard the idea, marrying the words with compelling visuals that would illustrate the points in an engaging way. The final step was to add animation to the Story Stream to make it eye-catching as the user scrolled the page. 

The Story Stream became the center of a campaign that posed an important life question for both advisors and their clients: “What fills your cup?” The campaign helped educate advisors about how they can develop holistic planning skills to offer clients the right resources that help them plan their entire futures, not just their finances. The Story Stream helped eMoney stand out from the dry content advisors are used to seeing and served as a lead generation tool with a form gating the eBook we wrote, designed and produced for this campaign. 

In addition to the Story Stream and the eBook, we created a webpage guide and an infographic. 

The Result

eMoney distributed the Story Stream through two email blasts, with a bit of paid advertising support on LinkedIn. The emails had a combined open rate of 17.3 percent, with the first email being opened just under 25 percent of the time. 

Almost 2,500 people clicked through to experience the Story Stream, with 786 of those visitors becoming MQLs. 

The project led directly to more than $100,000 in new business for eMoney, delivering exactly what they were looking for—more-than-expected leads, great ROI (more than 10 to 1!) and a clear demonstration of their innovative spirit.

View the live Story Stream here:

“Scribewise has been a true partner through the years, helping to tell our story in innovative ways that have had real business impact,” said Bishop.

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