Most Content Marketing Is Crap, and Generative AI Is Not Helping: How to Create B2B Content That Stands Out
BY Sarah Miller
June 8, 2023

If you’re a B2B content marketer, you’ve likely realized for quite some time that your responsibility is not to create more content, but better content. And not just produce content pieces, but content experiences. Many believe ChatGPT and other generative AI tools will make creating these unique and engaging content experiences easier which, when used appropriately, is true. However, when it comes to creating content that truly resonates with your buyers, generative AI falls short.

Why? Several reasons—because generative AI can’t replicate human emotion or empathy, understand the ins and outs of your buyer personas or communicate your company’s brand story or tone of voice like you can.

But mostly because most content marketing is, to put it bluntly, crap. And since generative AI can only create content based on other existing (possibly crappy) content, it’s incapable of creating new, original ideas that are relevant to today’s buyers.

So how do you create high-quality, audience-focused, value-delivering content that truly stands out? Here are some tips.

Focus on quality, not quantity

In the quest for mass content production, marketers often compromise on quality. But business leaders often find themselves inundated with information, receiving countless emails, newsletters, social media updates and advertisements on a daily basis. The constant stream of content can be overwhelming and make it difficult for them to filter through and identify valuable, relevant information.

Bombarding your buyers with generic, automated content not only wastes their time but diminishes your brand’s value. Instead, focus on creating fewer, high-quality pieces of content that offer real insight and advice to your target audience. Creating engaging, interactive content experiences will take you even further. Level up your content by incorporating sophisticated design elements and presenting content through infographics, videos or Story Streams.

Deliver on your promises

The number one way to lose your reader is by creating content that doesn’t deliver on its promises. Writing a compelling headline is essential to getting the reader’s attention, but to make your content useful and shareable, it needs to offer a thought leadership perspective, research-backed insights, relevant solutions or all of the above. By positioning your company as an industry expert and providing valuable information your audience can’t get anywhere else, you can help your audience make informed decisions and build their trust in your brand.

Choose authenticity and storytelling over automation

Generative AI may be capable of generating content at scale, but it can’t deliver the human touch necessary to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Content that stands out requires authenticity, personalization and empathy, which can only come from real human insights and a deep understanding of your audience. Build a brand story and tone of voice that showcases your credibility while humanizing your brand. Craft relatable, memorable narratives that evoke and inspire, and make your audience feel understood and valued.

Focus on building trust

B2B buyers already face a deluge of mediocre content every day that promises to solve their problems but fails to deliver on that promise. They crave consistent, authentic content that speaks to them on a deeper level, addressing their specific challenges and providing actionable value. 

Compelling content builds trust over time. Remember: Your customers can buy from anyone in the world; why should they choose you? If you can cut through the noise, you can establish a sincere connection with your audience and build the trust required for all meaningful relationships.

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